Explaining The Experience

Explaining The Experience

30 Days with Chari

Each day you will accomplish THREE TASKS: listening to a PODCAST, completing a fun CHALLENGE, and crushing a WORKOUT. (Tap each "Step" tab to learn more).

What you will get from

30 Days With Chari

30 Morning Podcasts

30 podcast episodes that give us mental training tools, application guides, and mental shifts to daily thinking.

30 Daily Challenges

30 mental training practices that challenge what we can accomplish to help rewire our mind and practice our daily tools.

30 Daily Burns

30 workouts that highlight professional training techniques while raising our heart rate and connecting our body and mind.

About Me

I started my professional career in 2016, fresh out of college and fresh into having full blown anxiety attacks every other week. I knew NOTHING about mental toughness, and found myself in tears more often than not. I kept going, still HATING a sport that I truly loved. I moved all over the world. I learned from incredible coaches, physical therapists, and doctors about my sport and how my body works. I worked with mental coaches, sports psychologists, and had so many life-altering experiences. Experiences that transformed me from the mentally weakest person I knew to one of the strongest. Someone who never won a single competition, to an American Champion. This program has changed the way I live my life and the way I view my sport. Now, I want to share my years of knowledge with you and help you find the tools that will help you learn, grow, and win.

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We are more brave, confident, strong, and powerful than we give ourselves credit for, and it’s time to truly see ourselves step into our fullest potential.